Kitty Kok

Whenever I enter Dr. Willett's office, I am welcomed by the friendly ladies of his staff with warm smiles and hearty greetings. They take expert care of me and Dr. Willett is the best and most thorough dentist I've ever had. He has done extensive work on my teeth and I am grateful for his expertise and kindness.

Piet Van Waarde

Dr. Willett has taken care of my family for 20 years. I will be candid enough to say, I have never really enjoyed going to the dentist. But, I actually enjoy my time at Dr. Willett's office. His team is gracious and kind and always make me feel at home. I feel cared for and loved on! I know, right? At the dentist's office! But, that is true for me - every time I go.

JP Harris

The staff are not only the best at what they do, they are some of the nicest, most genuine people I know. Every time I'm at the office, Amy and the front desk team greet me by name and ask me about my family. It is a very welcoming, relaxing environment. The doctors and hygienists care a lot about my teeth, but I also feel cared for as an individual.

Franco Puetz

Working with Dr. Willett was an absolute treat! He instantly made me feel welcome and at home. He took the extra time to explain everything in detail and answer any questions that I had before getting to work. The night after my procedure he even called me to make sure that I was feeling okay - I've never worked with a dentist that went above and beyond in the way Kent Willett did; customer for life!

Linda Wooley

The friendliest and most caring staff I have encountered in any office setting. Because of all the wonderful people, it makes going to the dentist fun!

C.C., Columbia, MO

Dealing with extensive dental work throughout my life has made visits to the dentist emotionally difficult. I had avoided needed dental work for years because of the anxiety and stress that came with the procedures. But when I found Willet Dental Associates, I found a way to address my dental needs without fear. The gentle sedation options they offer were a game changer for me. The prescriptions they offer allow me to undergo dental procedures in a relaxed and calm state, easing my fears both before and during the dental appointments. The entire office provides exceptional service that allows me to feel cared for throughout the process. Addressing my dental issues has relieved me of daily pain and discomfort. But I can honestly say that I would have been unlikely to get the needed work done without this sedation option. I’m forever thankful for this dental staff and their sedation support!

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