A routine, tooth-saving procedure

Root canal therapy is necessary to save a tooth from extraction when the pulp of the tooth becomes infected from decay or inflamed from trauma. This is a routine procedure for the team at Willett Dental Associates. Root canal therapy is a safe and effective way to keep your natural tooth which has many advantages such as:

  • Less discomfort than an extraction
  • Eliminates the need and extra cost of “filling the space” created by a missing tooth
  • Less healing time than an extraction

During root canal therapy, the dentist will remove all decay and infected tissue within the tooth. The canals are filled and the tooth sealed. A crown is usually recommended for the final restoration for strength and durability of the tooth.

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, swelling of your gums, and/or notice an abscess, root canal therapy may be in order. Saving your natural tooth is always our first choice. A missing tooth can cause a multitude of problems including shifting teeth that affects the way you normally bite, your ability to properly chew, and your natural smile.

Tooth infection should not be ignored. Call our team to get on your way to a pain-free, healthy mouth!